Hello All!

And by all I mean my mom and super lucky stumble-uponers who happened to have found this site. So let me start off by saying that I love TV. Not in the “oh I love chocolate” or “I love puppies” kinda way. When I say I love TV, it’s basically a nice way of saying that I am completely obsessed with television. Most people judge others by what they wear or what they look like, for me, it’s what TV show they watch. “Oh your favorite show is Whitney?” *walks away*, or when I plan my daily schedule around what TV shows are on that night, even if it means waking up at 7 am the next day to finish homework. (to recap, I like TV a lot) So basically I’m just going to be spewing out my own feelings and predictions from my couch to yours, well actually its more like bed in a college dorm room, but I think the idea is still valid. And whether anyone reads it or not is completely fine with me, I mean of course I would love to have Amy Adams play me in a movie about my blog, but apparently that doesn’t happen very often. Anywho, enjoy! Read and comment, type out all those things you scream at your tv when your favorite couple breaks up, or when despite your best efforts that stupid character walks through the scary house alone. My mother always said that my ideal job would be “getting paid to watch television” so if you know anyone thats hiring under that job description let me know.


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